Everyday at 20:00 this stream goes live with a listening session from Curtidos, Barcelona.

Listen here 

When there is no live music this radiostream plays the RealTimeWalkingComposition
recorded live on the 10. November 2018.

Walkers where: Wu Jiaru – Shanghai
Fabian Gutscher – Zürich
bbbear – Shanghai
Esther Mathis – Zürich
Wong Sarah – Hong Kong
Jeanette & Jürg  – Bern
Desirée Meul – Berlin
Wong Sean – Hong Kong

Next walk Saturday will be on the 17. November – 10:00 in Switzerland & 5pm in Hong Kong. You will hear a new version of the RealTimeWalkingCompositions connected with the App Synchronisator. This polyrhythmic Techno is based on your real humans walking cadences. And it’s all live. You can ether go here to download the App (sadly only runing on iOS, we are working on it…). Or walk with the stream. We will record the official walks, so you can listen to the composition when ever you like.

This stream went live:
Saturday 17. November 2018 – 10:00 Switzerland 5pm Hong Kong



The Institute is interested in movement as a groundwork for social choreographies. Hereby the focus of the Institute lies in social interchanges, that have the potetial to build up relational structures. The individual movements that are defining humans as well as the interchanges between those individuals were and are major topics to the Institute.

The Institute Movement
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Coupling Walks

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